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Veon Health
Veysal Gerdan
Veysal Gerdan said; We had the chance to work harmoniously with Infomedya Agency, whom we met by chance, for the digital planning of our newly established Veon Health Tourism company in the field of Health Tourism, as if we had known each other for years. One of their greatest strengths is understanding needs clearly and quickly and taking quick action. Infomedya is the right address for those who want to receive quality and reliable service from an agency consisting of a friendly, qualified and reliable team. Thank you for all your contributions.
Ortho Content
Celal Alp Vural
Celal Alp Vural said; I had a very good experience from the first moment I met Infomedya until the end of the service. We are a family with them now. A competent, very professional team. They manage the process wonderfully. They provide information at every stage of the process and I have never encountered a conflicting or misleading situation. The use of social media is very important in the health sector, as in every sector. They are very experienced in the healthcare sector, I recommend them to all my physician friends. I'm glad to have you...
Palmiye Tekstil
Fulya Terkuran
Fulya Terkuran said; As Palmiye Tekstil, we are very pleased to manage our digital footprint together with İnfomedya Agency. With your professional and solution-oriented approach and fast and clear feedback, you are one of our solution partners with whom we can have a pleasant cooperation by learning together. I hope our ongoing cooperation will continue with new projects, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank your entire team for their patience with my endless questions :)
Özben Örs Investment
Özben Örs
Özben Örs said; Are you unfamiliar with digital transformation? Do you believe in the power of advertising, but think that you are falling behind in the competition as much as you can? If this is exactly the case, Infomedya is the solution... They produce horizon-opening marketing plans with their friendly and professional teams and answer your questions when you need them. I would like to thank and recommend them for their devoted work and solutions during the time we worked with them.
Mutlu Kaktüs Montessori Okulu
Çağrı Başesgioğlu
Çağrı Başesgioğlu said; I would like to express with all my sincerity that we are very pleased with the Infomedya family, which is with us whenever we need it and adds vision to our digital projects with its fast feedback and solutions. Thank you for understanding and successfully transforming the demands and expectations of those of us who are not as familiar with the digital world as you. To many more projects and ideas together...
Ercüment Çiftçi
Ercüment Çiftçi said; In our work with the Infomedia Agency as Jvteks, we were very pleased with the dedication shown in the service and support provided to us and the caring behavior of the staff. We would like to express our endless gratitude to Infomedya and its team.
HAN Gayrimenkul
Eneshan Nalbant
Eneshan Nalbant said; Having worked with many media companies before, I honestly did not think that Infomedya would provide such a creative, innovative and professional service. To sum it up in one word, AMAZING. Thank you very much for everything.
Mimaray Şirketler Grubu
Akın Aydeğer
Akın Aydeğer said; With its friendly and professional team and its many years of experience, it was a touch that made a difference for all our companies. Thank you very much for the collaborations we still continue.
Deniz Hanım
Deniz Hanım said; It is an extremely successful company from which we receive services regarding e-commerce site and social media management, and which has not disappointed us so far, and on the contrary, provides us with all kinds of professional support with its expert staff and knowledge and experience... What you have contributed and will contribute to us on behalf of my company thanks for...
Recover Enerji
Efkan Elmas
Efkan Elmas said; I received service on web design from Infomedya. I was very pleased with their design abilities and execution. They continued to provide support after the project was delivered. Thanks to them, my company's website started to receive a lot of followers. I also started using hosting and email management services. I am also considering working together on social media management.
WP Center
Çağdaş Dağ
Çağdaş Dağ said; You will easily feel their success in work follow-up, professionalism, quality and customer communication in the projects you work on together. Solution-oriented perspectives make the whole process easier. Thanks!
Babur Baturay
Babur Baturay said; We congratulate your team, which is solution-oriented and responds to our needs regularly and in a reasonable time.
Kulis Sanat
Serkan Melikoğlu
Serkan Melikoğlu said; Valuing your ideas and making them more valuable. They have a wonderful team that works with great dedication and discipline, thank you İnfomedya!!!
ARX Cargo
Metin Çakıcı
Metin Çakıcı said; Corporate approach, professional team that understands customer needs correctly and demonstrates this clearly in practice.
Yiğit Konur
Yiğit Konur said; The most disciplined and creative agency I have worked for.
80|20 Film
Ertuğ İlhan
Ertuğ İlhan said; It is still possible to be friends after this age. Awesome team.
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